Anna Gille

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Anna Gille approaches the classical theme of landscape from a variety of perspectives,
in different ways, linking different paths. In her drawings, she combines the view
of nature itself and our ideas projected into it. The artist deals with the contrasts
between the grown and the cultivated, landscape as nature and design. It is a graphic
approach to existing natural places as well as virtual landscapes. From the real
experience to the photographic sketch to the work on the drawing in the studio,
a transformation takes place; the differences between the actual and imagined places
dissolve in the encircling of the motif. The main point is to open up the structural core.
The absence of any narrative elements in the result allows an openness and ambiguity
that detaches the works from their origin. In their final form, they are committed only
to themselves. Anna Gille’s conceptual approach touches on central issues of landscape
representation. It is the artist’s achievement to realise intense images of nature in
this borderline area and in this way and to open up new possibilities for the
tradition-saturated theme and to gain a new form of beauty from it.
— Peter Dittmar, 2023

Detached from the phenomena of nature, a work of art can unfold its very own power.
When the closed space of the imagination opens here and there with a crack,
it releases elements such as lineatures or colours that want to lie against and
over each other, that form something without depicting it.Not a recognisable figure,
but impressions, schemes become a pictorial poem.In her drawings, the draughtswoman
Anna Gille combines what is familiar from the world with what is foreign to the
imagination.From this never-ending and, one suspects, also pleasurable work,
she shows some of her pastels in the exhibition, which are created alongside her
graphite and charcoal drawings, which are also moving more and more into the abstract.
Even a cursory glance, however, reveals that what is at stake here, in Lucretius’ sense,
is a sensual-visual groping of the real – that of the constantly changing nature,
its unconcealed, unexplained in the microcosm as well as in the macrocosm, which
we tirelessly want to explore without ever fully understanding it.By remaining solely
with the possibilities of her art, the artist comes close to nature – with the beautiful
result that the gaze never tires of searching.
— Anke Zeisler, 2023


2013 Diploma, Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig
2008 École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon
2006 –13 Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig
2004 – 06 Academy for Information and Communication Design, Dresden
2018 Nomination INFORM Preis der Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig
2015 Die Übergänge sind rätselhaft at Kaleid Editions London
2014 Project Grand der Kulturstiftung Sachsen
2013 Nomination: 21. Bundeswettbewerb des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung


Beyond Nature, Galerie Dittmar, Berlin (solo)
Horst Hussel, Anna Gille, Galerie Anke Zeisler, Berlin (duo)
Structure Gazing, Galerie ghosh, Leipzig (with Zora Berweger)
Die Erfahrung der Landschaft, Galerie Dittmar, Berlin

Drawing Wow 3, Minuseins, Wien (curation)

Short Lines and Tall Shapes, Rosegger Grundschule, Berlin
im Grünen; zentral, offen, alt, Alter Botanischer Garten München (Residenz/Installation)
Nothing´s Gonna Change My World?, Gr_und, Berlin
Hausarbeit, Raum www, Berlin

Piece of Pen II, Galerie Schiercke Seinecke, Frankfurt am Main
Drawing Wow 2, Kunstsaele Berlin (curation)
Close Friends, Galerie b2, Leipzig
Kunst-Handwerk, Kunsthaus Graz (Publication)

Drawing Wow 1, bcma, Berlin (curation)
Drawing Books, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Wien
Mensch und Landschaft ­— Wege zu Fontane, Kunsthalle Brennabor, Brandenburg a. Havel
All of Nature unspoiled – beautiful – beautiful, Weserhalle, Berlin (solo)
Shinsegae Spring Campaign, Seoul

Um Wesen herum, Institut für Kunst, Lehnin (with Doris Leue und Hans Scheib)
From the Author, Good Press, Glasgow

Sommergäste VII, Sommergalerie, Frauenstein
The Third Landscape, White Shoulder, Berlin

New Nature, Ortloff, Leipzig (with Timo Hinze)
Starren und Warten, Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig
Alles muss raus, HIER, Leipzig

Kunststudentinnen und Kunststudenten stellen aus, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn
Solid & Liquid, Brandenburgischer Kunstverein, Potsdam
Made in Leipzig, Ungarische Universität für Bildende Künste, Budapest
Sommergäste IV, Sommergalerie, Frauenstein


2019 Nacre Journal Issue 3 – Hyggelig
2019 Gardenscapes, Drawing Books Vienna
2015 Die Übergänge sind rätselhaft, Edition Taube
2011 24 Copies, Lubok