Anna Gille

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Ansicht 1

Beyond Nature, Galerie Dittmar, Berlin, 2023

Copia di DW_2022_Drawing Wow 3_Exhibition Views_011

Drawing Wow 3, minusoffspace, Vienna, 2022


Kunstpavillon München, 2021


Piece of Pen II, Galerie Rundgaenger, Frankfurt am Main, 2020


Die Natur der Dinge, Kunstforum Berlin / Project Space Kimgo, 2020


Drawing Wow 2, Kunstsaele Berlin, 2020

b2-close Friends 2020 (1)

Close Friends, Galerie b2_, Leipzig, 2020


All of Nature unspoiled – beautiful – beautiful, Weserhalle, Berlin, 2019


Display in front of the Jochen Hempel gallery, Spinnerei, Leipzig, 2017

Ansicht 2 Kopie

Open Studio, Berlin, 2016

Ansicht 1 Kopie

Open Studio, Berlin, 2016


Sommergäste, Frauenstein, 2016

Ansicht 1

Not So Far From Here, Open Studio, Berlin, 2015

Ansicht 5

New Nature, Ortloff Leipzig, 2014 (with Timo Hinze)

Atlas web low

Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, 2013 (with Timo Hinze)